With the rise in global security threats, security planning has become more of a consideration for property owners, management and security service providers. Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA) is the basis of all security work.

Applying its principles in the areas of counter-terrorism, counter-theft, cybersecurity and physical security, our team of expert consultants conduct in-depth security audits of our clients’ facilities and assets, providing critical analysis of the’ assets, infrastructure, personnel, measures and processes of our clients, customising our scope to match their needs and resources.

Our consultants are experienced in performing TVRA Audits on:

-Oil refineries
-International organisations
-Religious buildings
-Convention centres
-Sports venues
-Commercial buildings and more.

We also provide audits and evaluation for Security Agencies for their annual grading exercise. We provide analysis on:

-Operational Readiness

We provide our clients with an independent, objective, baseline audit and evaluation of their existing security situation (based on the three Ms – Man, Machine and Method) so as to minimise business risk. Our evaluations and solutions may include:

  • Identifying critical areas’ vulnerabilities
  • Emergency planning;
  • Business continuity planning;
  • Assessing current policies, procedures and practices;
  • Terror and crime prevention;
  • Perimeter protection;
  • Facility access control;
  • Security training;
  • Optimisation of security personnel deployment.

The 3 D’s of security planning



The best way to stay safe is to keep possible threats away. Deterrence prevents incidents from even beginning by discouraging perceptions of vulnerability.



Knowing thy enemy is the prerequisite to victory. Good detection measures ensure that any potential threat can be quickly found, monitored and eventually neutralised.



You shall not pass! Defeat even the craftiest intruder by denying them access to what they seek–be it entry, information, or valuable items.